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Tanja Villumsen, M.Sc.Pharm.

Contact: +45 23301600

Get help from someone who tried walking in your shoes not long ago

  • Get inspired
  • Get advice and sparring on your CV
  • Learn how to write a good application to land you that job you want
  • Master job ad analysis and learn how to sell your qualifications
  • Get social media savvy with LinkedIn profiling

I want to help YOU get moving!


1 year ago

It started 1 year ago.
So far I have had 6 clients;

They all wanted the same - to improve on their ability to get the job they wanted.

Their backgrounds have been very different:
3 of them have been non-danish,
4 of them have been non-academics,
4 of them wanted a career in the pharma business
and all of them have been excellent!

I have learned a lot from my clients - and I can't wait to see what another 12 months will bring.

Growing starts with the willingness to reach out and to reflect. I consider myself a catalyst to make that happen.

Contact me if you need a step in another direction, I want to help you get moving!


1 completed - and 1 ongoing

Since founding, I have been lucky enough to have 2 clients already!

Both of them fantastic, and with great potential. My first client is already working his new job, and my second is progressing nicely. I am really happy to be involved in their journey so far.

What seems to work excellently is their proactive nature. They have both been brave enough to seek help - and to seek jobs.

Are you brave enough to ask for help?


3P Consulting is founded

My profile

  • Graduated as a Pharmacist in 2007 from the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Copenhagen
  • Specific knowledge of the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Energetic and inspiring
  • Analytical and curious